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Saturday, September 4, 2010

sikchak diwas ..aapki pustak ka vimochan aur mera janm diwas.....

   I would like to make  my salute to my all the teachers ...who had made their holy efforts to make me a man of dedication ... to wards litrature , towards devloping my natinal sprit as well as senstivness towards the humen beings.  On the eve of teacher'day   I have best wishes to them . Today I have tried my best to seek blessing of my lovely respected teacher Dr. Arun trivedi ji but unfortnately i could not succeed.  Probably  it has been informed that he is undertreatme  and sick . I prey to God  to bless him for a long life . he is poet .. he is very good human being... he is always dedicated to welfare of student.  LaST YEAR HE HAD  presided   VIMOCHAN SAMAROH.. OF MY BOOK  .......ANJURI BHAR ASPANDAN.. LAST YEAR ON 5 TH SEP..2009.
ON  this occasion I would like to remember late Dr. G.D. Sarswat... who was  my guru  during my graduation and post graduation ... he had also written  .SAMMICHHA OF SAID BOOK   ANJURI BHAR ASPANDAN. He is no more....but I always felt his presence in my mind.
Fortunately is my birthday.....I take a resolution to adopt the  service of  Hindi litrature as well as poor and handicapped people. because my self is  also physically handicapped.
गुरु हमारे पथ प्रकाश ज्योति किरण तम राहों पर
परम वेदना दूर करे जो मरहम हैं हर घावों पर.

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