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Thursday, March 25, 2010

shadow of memory

Today is 25th march ....yes on this very day my present residence was alloted to me in the year of 2008 . I had paid my visit there . this new residence was going to be taken due to expected discharge of my wife from hospita...truma centre. I was imagining that when my wife would have come there then she had to see a beautiful vision of this colony. I have planted few beautiful plant of roses,, genda guldaudi...vajayanti...ratrani..... My wife was very much used to like the smell of ratrani... some years before it was available at sitapur residence. I have shifted here on 31 st march ....During shifting i would never forget the contribution of Gopal , brother of my son in law and munna my brother . I could reach at 1-30 AM of 1st april 2008 .. Period from !st april to 10 April was very much waiting period for arrival of my wife.... I was very much anexious to see her. I would like to mention here that due to my disability i never reached upto her bed in hospital except one time when kapil had assisted me to go there . On that occasion my wife had given an vision of her pityness and painful welcome to me and told in very low voice ... why u had come there... if u would have slipped ... go home and take rest ... what i had eaten this question she never forget. On that time also she said me jjjjjaoo..kkuuch ...juice ...pi lena.... d hirey dhirey ..jana...bhid bahut road par hai .. tum na ayaaa karo.....i was very much sad to here this .. and having tears in my eyes .. for which i have very much tried to hide with the presence of my near & Dear. ....On that very day i remain sit on my vehicle up 6 p.m ....when mr.samir came .. to visit there .. i met him and r eturned back .. On that very day when i had seen her face .... i got a signal from my heart that my wife would not remain alive for much time...whole night I could not sleep. Next day i made a Puja with a tearing eyes ...and requested to God ....kindly do not implement what have distiny written in myhead. ....weepingly requested to Maa Durga...Shiva....and Hanuman ji ... Probably they had accepted my request. and granted some more time to live here. .

Now..... further I am not able to write.

काल चक्र की परिधि मे ,
अस्म्रित्यों की ब्यास रेखाएं ,
जब कटती हैं खुदी को =
तब छोड़ जाती हैं
समान्तर रेखाओं के लिए
स्थान ---------
रिक्तता के लिए रिक्तता के लिए=== बस
कुछ ऐसा ही है हमारे पास हमारे पास.......
विष्णु कान्त मिश्र

1 comment:

PRERNA said...

such a emotional paragraph..
But yes my ma loves us alot n she always try tht her family mebers are always happy...

she will always remain wit us..
N you are gng 2 gift a new house to my ma na so be happy :-)
Luv u ma n pa....