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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

apni badki bitiya se ...

dearest Betu...& kapil....
I have no words to begin blog which is required to be posted by me .. I m continuously thinking and thinking since yesterda... I quiestion Almighty ... what is the extent of patience... what is the ethic of survival . what are the meaning of shubh and ashubh.. why those who are not doing holy things they are getting everything and contradactory who are doing the all act of kindness they are being crushed. History shows that Bhagwan Rama , Harishchra etc had done every thing as per the expectation of Vedas , Shruti and religion but all of them have been tested . Those were very great ... we people are related with this bhautik jagat ....and bearing no cosmic power even then we are being made the target of test. .....My wife expired...I remained silent ...I tried to ask these quetion which have also been replied by the almighty but now my children are being tested . I can only prey to God please exempt them from your hard test. please rain ur kindness.. Destiny is nothing except the desire of God. Desires of God probably made on the basis of assessment of act of human being ....specially who are living on earth. In this way i tried to recall that I have did nothing which may be treted immoral. Ihave never crussed any body .. contadractory i have tried to facilate all the needy person as per my capacity...Then why My Great God u r testing my innocent children...why are u not helping .. o...God ...please rain ur kindness.


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PRERNA said...

Dnt worry pa...
God only test those who can face those problems,So i m ready to accept challenges given by god.

one day we get that happiness..Its fr sure
Luv u a lot pa!!!